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Source Control and Team Development Part 2

see part 1 here

Chapter 4

They start thinking and analyze whose part is this?? Finally after a lot of argument, they decide that Person X and Y are responsible for that feature. Those two takes a side and start a conversation about who will modify which part of his code. They agree on some changes.

Each one goes to his PC, make the changes, and gets his file back to the main PC. “Stop! don’t overwrite the old files!!” Someone shouts nervously “Backup the old folder first, as the new changes might break more than they fix so we can return to the old files”. They create a new folder and name it “after changes”. They put the whole project in it and then overwrite the old files in this with the new ones in this new directory. They try that feature and it works.

Chapter 5

While they are partying the success in having a running feature, by playing and resting. Someone was playing around with their application happy that they created something that works. Suddenly he gets another exception. “Oh damn it!” he says in dissatisfaction “can’t we have a single happy moment that it works fine?!!”.

He gathers the playing members and wakes the sleeping ones telling them the awful news. When he shows them the exception, silence goes around. Each one of themselves wishing that it is not his part so that he can get away with it and go continue resting.

Once again, after discussions, they made modifications, created a new folder, and fixed the problem.

Chapter 6

Six days, Eighteen folders later…

This day is the big day; the deadline. They should go and give a working copy of the project to the supervisor. After a long sleepless night, they’ve got so many folders with a lot of names like “after modification”, “this one will work isA”, “KEFAAYAAA”, “at night”, “3 am version”, “last 1″, last 2”, “final”, and “the final last one”.

[cut: after 15 minutes of yelling and thousands of dirty words]
“HEY PEOPLE, LISTEN TO ME!!! We’ve only 30 minutes to go and this must be fixed! Stop fighting like kids and do something!!” says someone impatiently.

They stop fighting keeping in mind they will complete it later. “The correction of this was in one of the old versions, from two days ago, I know it” says A “let me try”. He takes over the keyboard again, keeps staring to the folder list trying to know which folder it was. He has 3 candidates, so he goes into each one of them opening the above-one-thousand-lines-of-code file and seeking for the correction desperately inside two or three functions in each file.

Finally after an hour and a half, and calls from friends at college saying that the professor is angry because there is no ready team and that he threatens to leave, and after a lot of “Com’on forget that stupid bugs, let’s just go we7na we 7azzena”, and after a lot of closed-eye concentration moments, he finds the correction and applies it to the final version of their application.

He runs the application to try it, and “DA-DOOOOM!!”, the application doesn’t work at all. You have seen so many different reactions in a single minute, someone sits on the floor crying, someone had his face blown in red out of anger, another one just hits his head against the wall.

To be continued…


February 9, 2007 - Posted by | TeamDevelopment


  1. fantastic idea behind this funny story, and I know this group well :D:D:D:D:D:D
    looking forward, the big warrior after all team members begin to fight 😀

    Comment by Ramy Mahrous | February 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. This is fictional story, not about a particular team 😀

    Comment by Mohammad Nabil | February 9, 2007 | Reply

  3. All names & characters mentioned in the article are fictions. The author is not responsible for any similarity to real life characters…looooooool

    Comment by sh@dy | February 10, 2007 | Reply

  4. they can name the folders ( 1,2,3 .. 😀 ) so they can find the final one easy 😀 ( iam kidding 😀 )

    Comment by Mohamed Gamal El-Den | February 10, 2007 | Reply

  5. Shady:
    Yes 😀 exactly. Everyone: it is like shady said it 😀

    NO no no , they should name them 0,1,10,11,100,101,… 😛

    Comment by Mohammad Nabil | February 11, 2007 | Reply

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