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.NET Framework Posters (4 and 3.5)

While I am google for .NET Framework 3.5 Poster to see some new namespaces , I got .NET Framework 4 Poster so I want to share the both with you here.

.NET Framework 3.5 :

DotNet_poster_xps_large.xps 1.5 MB

DotNt_poster_xps_split.xps 1.8 MB

NET_35_Namespaces_Poster_JAN08.pdf 849 KB

NET35_Namespaces_Poster_Tiled_JAN08.pdf 25MB

All of them are available in this link

.NET Framework 4:
You can find in the next link two version for framework 4, the first is silverlight with deep zoom and the second is PDF high resolution version.
They are available in this link

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