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Nokia Games Innovation Challenge

The competition aim to encourage new concepts in mobile gaming world ,advanced features and functionalities .This competition target all Nokia platform ( Nokia N-Gage, Java or Symbian-based Series 40 or S60 device).

There are three prizes for first three innovative concepts ,in addition to produce this concept on the corresponding Nokia platform.
The first winner will be awarded 40,000 Euros .
The second winner will be awarded 20,000 Euros.
The third winner will be awarded 10,000 Euros.

The competition is open to game designer and developer companies worldwide. NOT to individual persons, employees of the Organizer and affiliated companies of the Organizer .

the deadline for submitting on 20th of August and the announcement for the winners will be on 29 of October.

The details can be read from here :


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Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0

What’s New with XNA Game Studio?

  • XNA Game Studio 2.0 works in all versions of Visual Studio 2005. This includes Standard and Professional, as well as many other specific editions.
  • The new and improved interface makes it easier for you to manage your Xbox 360 console.
  • You’ll find that managing and building content is easier and more consistent in XNA Game Studio.
  • We’ve included project templates for content importers and processors.
  • You can configure how content is processed with the new ability to set

    parameters on Content Processors.

What’s new in the XNA Framework? Now you can:

  • Create rich multiplayer games over Xbox LIVE using the new networking APIs.

  • Create Audio more effectively with the new XACT editor!
  • Host XNA Framework games easily inside a Windows Form.
  • Use the virtualized GraphicsDevice: no more special code to handle device reset and recreate!
  • Take advantage of render targets that are more flexible, consistent, and easier to use. Xbox 360 and Windows now support multiple render targets (MRTs) as well.
  • Easily nest one component inside another thanks to improvements in GameComponent.
  • Enjoy many more enhancements and tweaks!

Most of our development on this version has been in response to your feedback. What you see here only scratches the surface of everything new in XNA Game Studio 2.0. As we near the release of XNA Game Studio coming late 2007, we’ll have more information.

Source :- From XNA Blog

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A reasonable solution for serious Game Programming

There is a very reasonable solution if u seriously want to consider game programming, I dont advise making ur own engine, unless u just want to learn, but its never a good idea to use it for production, coz u’ll need years of hard work to make a technology that is several years old when its done.
Simply u can buy or get an engine for free (there are several economical & free engines on the net), concentrate in the game u want to make, & leave the engine issues to the engine programmers.
Even when they make a new version of it, u wont have any hard time updating ur game.
Current game markets are in serious needs for original ideas (I KNOW, I”M FOLLOWING THAT MARKET :D) so if u want to succeed in this business, u’ll have to offer what it needs.
Dont reinvent the wheel if u want to make money, coz whatever u do ur wheel wont be more circular than the existing ones 😉

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Dream.Build.Play – XNA Gaming Code Contest

This is your chance to make the dream come true! Create an original game for Windows or Xbox 360™* using XNA Game Studio Express, a new tool from Microsoft®. Then enter your game in the Dream-Build-Play Challenge. Besides worldwide fame and recognition, you could also win some fantastic prizes!

About XNA Game Studio Express

XNA Game Studio Express is a revolutionary new tool that makesit easy to develop video games for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360™. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a total newbie, this innovative software, along with the XNA Creators Club, helps you to build the games of your dreams more easily.

First released in beta in August 2006, the XNA Game Studio Express is now available in its complete, final form—absolutely free. Download it today and create games for Windows at no charge. You can also build games for Xbox 360 with an active subscription to the XNA Creators Club.

To learn more about XNA Game Studio Express, head over to theXNA Developer Center. And come back to this contest web site

Hint:- This article was copied from Microsoft Student Partners Articles

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